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Supplier Scout was founded by Beau Crabill, an Amazon seller who was looking for a better way to scale his own Amazon business.
Back in 2015, Beau was trying to hire VAs and employees to sort through inventory sent to him by his suppliers and realized this was inefficient and took too long. 

Even with help from his team, he would often find products too slow and when he reached out to his suppliers, they’d reply back: “Sorry, they’re all sold out.”

Beau realized that building relationships with suppliers was the fastest and surest way to scale an Amazon business... 
But building relationships with suppliers was not about having people skills - it was about finding products fast so you can place orders faster with suppliers.

That’s when Beau decided he would build an all-in-one tool to help wholesale sellers automate their relationship-building with suppliers…
He spent several months building out Supplier Scout - the tool to help sellers find products faster, sort through inventory faster, buy more products, build a better relationship with suppliers, and ultimately - build a better business.

Since it’s been founded, Supplier Scout has helped over 1,000 users and has been featured at events like ASD and Prospect.
Today, a team of 10 dedicated employees are working on the software day-in and day-out to ensure the optimal customer experience. 
Our goal at Supplier Scout is to become the #1 All-In-One Wholesale tool that guides you through your business - from finding products, to researching products, to finding profitable deals, negotiating deals, building relationships with suppliers and everything in between.